The Anatomy of Combat

– Raymond J. VOLLUZ developed “The Anatomy Of Combat” with other engineers over about a decade of research in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Valuing different weapon systems using a common unit of measure was, and is, a breakthrough in the development of weapon systems and planning of combat such that the value of using one type of weapon against another is actually possible using a computational model that calculates the value of each system in man-days. The value of a missile, in man-days, used to take out a bridge, valued in man-days, can actually be determined to be worth the cost, or not. Alternative courses of action can be calculated by values rather than intuitive feelings of the commanders. Decisions on the development of systems can be made on the cost of the system, in man-days, and the cost of the targets they are designed to destroy, also in man-days. What is the benefit? Is the weapon worth it’s cost?

Currently Available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, on Compact Disk by mail. Limited number of copies available.

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