Portage Bay Sailboat (Print), Seattle, Washington


“Photo-realism” is an American art form that began in the 1960s, taking photography as its inspiration.  Sometimes this technique involves projecting the image of a photograph onto canvas where a copy is painted onto the surface –

In this portfolio, we display art that began as photographs and has been transformed to resemble other art forms. This gives the images very different qualities and atmosphere.

Like our photographs, these images are for sale and are priced as listed on our sale page.  We have presented some of these works in more than one medium to satisfy different tastes and decorating styles.

We can perform custom work if desired; we can transform your photograph or alter one of our images to better match your desired color palette.

Please contact us by email with any questions.




For a gallery of twelve different styles of converted images, click on this link, Mount Hood Variations

Mount Hood, Oregon