Examples of Graphic Design we have produced for clients on contract, and available to customers.

Graphic Design

Patriot Performance Distressed

To an Employer’s Specifications


These are images we were hired to create based on the needs of a client. With little or no idea of the project specifications, we were given the outlines and specifics of the final image requirements, and then had to use our resources and experience to fulfill the desires of the person hiring us to produce what they saw in their mind’s eye.


From Our Creativity

These images are also based on photographs, but created from modifications to the photographic elements. In this case, they were created my us for sale to our friends and family. In some cases, they are the results of images developed for clients that did not meet their specifications. In others, such as the lighthouse in stained glass, it sprung from learning a technique we needed for the modification of a very small part of another photograph. The stained glass art is available to be made with the customers choice of foreground or background, incorporating their photographs, if desired.


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