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Because of the amount of spam comments being submitted to this web site, and the unavailability of easy to use, free spam control filters, I have had to turn off comments. I just finished cleaning out about 52,000 spam comments, and that took finding a Plugin to accomplish. I am considering leaving WordPress and GoDaddy because of the complexity of this simple task.

Elgin Art Studio Tour 2018
Elgin Art Studio Tour 2018
Frog & Flower
Frog & Flower
Battered, Not Beaten
Battered, Not Beaten

On Saturday and Sunday, 19 and 20 May, we displayed a collection of photographs in our first-ever gallery-style exhibition.  Sherrill Schier has graciously offered to sponsor us at ETX Travel, 11 North Main Street in downtown Elgin, Texas.

Read more about this new endeavor here.


Scroll through the following illustrations of the types of creations we offer.  Click on any of the images for more information.  Use the hidden menu to the right for direct access to pages.  Return to this page at any time using the Directory link.


Products & Services

All of our photos are for sale. We currently sell enlargements in a poster print or board format. We can provide them in a 20″ x 30″ and smaller sizes. We are working on a price list and will post it, and more information, on a linked page.

The books we have written, and discuss on this website, are available in several places. Some are for sale on, while others are for sale, or available at no charge, on iTunes. The availability of each publication is described in the information provided on each book’s information page.

Editing and proofreading assistance for an hourly fee. How does your on-line presence represent you? Please select “Products & Services” / “Editing & Proofreading” from our Main Menu by clicking on the three lines, upper right corner. (

We provide many of our products at no charge so that the customer can read and view them online, or download them to enjoy. If you have found something from meaningful in your life, please consider a donation for the value you consider appropriate. A donations page is in production and will be linked here. Regardless of a donation, we would love to receive a comment or email from you about what you liked or what we can improve.


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